Choose Us to Experience the Best Handyman Services & Building Contractors Kraaifontein, Northern Suburbs Cape Town


Founded by Mr Lazarus Dzigarwi and became a symbol of remarkable work quality, Lapedz Construction is ready to serve you with the best handyman solutions in Cape Town. We have solutions for all kinds of property maintenance work. We have offered highly skilled painters, renovation specialists, plumbers, tiling experts, and building repairing solutions for past many years. Now our services are available online. Our existing clients recognize us as the best Handyman Services & Building Contractors Kraaifontein, Northern Suburbs Cape Town. We can meet your requirements and that also without making a pricey deal. Therefore, you should give us an opportunity to show you our work plans and handyman skills.

Why our work quality is best?

You would certainly like to know our area of specialty before hiring our handyman. We understand that you do not want to put your property under the danger of physical damage. So, we would like to assure you that there will be no damage while we are performing plastering Kraaifontein, Northern Suburbs Cape Town job in your property. We have spent several years by tiling and plastering. Our handymen are well-trained and they know what precautions are necessary to prevent physical injury and property damage. We have learnt many new ways of preserving old properties during the last decade. Therefore, we know what it takes to perform the property maintenance work without causing any damage.

If you want to replace the concrete or wooden floor of your property with eye-catching tiles, we can provide the best professionals for this job. Our tilling building Kraaifontein, Northern Suburbs Cape Town experts have turned numerous concrete floors into tiled floors till the date. We use the most cutting-edge tools while performing the renovation work. That’s how we reduce the chances of damage and finish the property maintenance work within the shortest possible time.

Providing professional painters, who can finish the paint job within a few days:


Other handyman companies may require at least one week to finish the paint work, if you want to beautify your industry or a large building. We do not take that much time. We require only a few days to finish the paint work. First, we discuss the client’s painting demands, suggest the best color combinations, and high-quality paint under your budget. It helps us in recognizing your needs and then our professional painters proceed ahead. We are sure that no other handyman company can provide a better finish while painting Kraaifontein, Northern Suburbs Cape Town property. We finish paint work fast and also without compromising with the work quality.

Comprehensive plumbing solutions:


When it comes to skimming and plumbing Kraaifontein, Northern Suburbs Cape Town, we are best in these jobs. Our plumbers can easily detect the blockage in the pipelines and drains spread all around your property. They can fix the issue within a few minutes so that you can use the taps and toilet again. We can unblock clogged drains, install the best heating and cooling equipments and offer a comprehensive support for plumbing.

Contact us now at 062-193-6890 if you want to know more about our services and handyman solutions.